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We have trained fumigators to reach you and offer professional service. We provide each individual with professional and effective pest control solutions which ensure the health and hygiene one needs in order to live and work in a safe, hygienic, pest-free environment. ALHERI CLEANING AND JANITORIAL SERVICES focuses primarily on the control and eradication of pests common in Nigeria using only environmentally friendly products. Some of these pests include bed bugs, termites, rats, houseflies among others


Whether it’s a home, school hospital, office, factory etc, our goal is to eliminate the causes of pest problems for our customers, rather than just treat the symptoms. We provide One-time, Monthly or Quarterly treatments.


With our dependable pest-control services, you can sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family and property are fully protected. You can be rest assured that our professional team will eliminate all pests from your property so that you can love where you work, live and play.


We have been able to bring down the cost of fumigation in Nigeria while still offering a professional pest control service.

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